Investment Management

Huntress Global Income Fund

Aim to increase value by predominantly allocating capital to fixed income investments. The cautious strategies can also invest into global blue chip equities with strong cash flows and progressive dividend policies. A neutral position would be a 75/25 bond/equity split and the maximum equity weighting is approximately 35%. The cash generated can be re-invested to provide capital growth or taken as an income stream.

Huntress Global Balanced Fund

Aim to provide capital appreciation through a balance of fixed income and global equities. A neutral position would be a 50/50 bond/equity split and the maximum equity weighting is approximately 65%. The cash generated can be re-invested to provide capital growth or taken as an income stream.

Huntress Global Bespoke Portfolio

Generally our clients' investment objectives and risk profile can be satisfied by one of the strategies described above. However, we recognise that everyone's circumstances are different and we have therefore deliberately created a process that is capable of meeting individual requirements.

Huntress Global Growth Fund

Aim to provide long-term capital appreciation by investing predominantly into global equities. A neutral position would have a 35/65 bond/equity split and the maximum equity weighting is approximately 85%.

Huntress Global Blue Chip Fund

Invest into approximately 25 global blue chips that are in line with our long-term investment themes. The aim is to invest into such companies at an attractive valuation and hold them for the long-term. The cash generated can be re-invested to provide capital growth or taken as an income stream.

Ravenscroft Investment Management offers Investment Funds and Portfolio Management services. Our aim is to understand the individual investment needs of each client and ensure that these needs are met. We pride ourselves on our transparent and jargon-free investment process.

Our Process

  • We invest into global themes that will benefit from long-term changes in demography, globalization and technological developments.
  • We cannot control political or economic outcomes but we can control the quality of the assets that we own and the price at which we buy them.
  • We do not invest into complex hedge fund strategies with long lock-in periods - all investments are liquid and transparent.

Our Team

At the core of our business is a stable team that has been investing together for over a decade. The team's interests are aligned with investors and shareholders through holdings in our parent company's stock and also through our investment funds.

Meet The Team

Investment Funds

Our fund range has been designed to cater for a broad spectrum of investment requirements and risk appetites. Huntress Global Balanced, Global Income and Global Growth are daily dealing fund-of-funds, and Huntress Global Blue Chip is a focused portfolio of direct stocks; also with daily liquidity. All of our funds are aligned with our long-term investment themes. Further information on each fund can be found by clicking on the links below:

Portfolio Management

We offer advisory and discretionary portfolio management, providing clients with a portfolio that is diversified across a range of asset classes in line with our global themes. Portfolios can be tailored towards income, growth, or a balance of the two, depending on the needs and risk profile of each individual client.

Specialist Funds

Our two specialist closed-end funds, the Channel Islands Property Fund Limited and Bailiwick Investments Limited, offer investors a unique opportunity to invest directly in the economies of the Channel Islands.

Both Funds have a team of highly regarded and experienced Investment Advisors that works with the Manager to identify, negotiate and conclude investments with the aim of achieving shareholder value through a combination of capital growth and an attractive, but sustainable, dividend policy.



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